Finger & Thumb Guitar Picks Add More Flexibility to Your Musical Skills

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You deserve to play your favorite stringed instrument comfortably and effectively. Saddle™ sells finger and thumb picks that improve your handling.

Musicians everywhere give Saddle™ picks great praise. Read these testimonials and see how  they can changed the music world.

Richard McVicker designed the Saddle™ pick system based on his own banjo playing habits. Read about his design process and inspiration.

Learn about Saddle Picks

Your creative ability can be enhanced when you choose Saddle picks. Saddle™ picks are innovative, new thumb and finger picks that stay on your hands, are comfortable to use, and never snag your strings while playing. Saddle™ has revolutionized the way musicians view finger and thumb picks. His creation gives your hands a truly “ouch-less” experience.

Richard, a Bluegrass banjo player, invented this system because he was tired of trying to use the common thumb and finger picks available. The Saddle™ picks are a pleasure to use while playing the acoustic guitar, banjo, and any other instrument that requires thumb and finger picks. Saddle™ takes customer satisfaction seriously, and his craftsmanship is backed by a money-back guarantee.

Contact Saddle™ to order a set of picks and see how easily your fingers glide across the strings.

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