Customer Testimonials

The below video was sent in by Michel Volkman, using the SADDLE™ thumb pick to play guitar. Note that he is also playing on the up stroke with the SADDLE™ thumb pick, something that cannot be done with ordinary thumb picks. His testimonial is in this video. Continue to read about how both our plastic and metal SADDLE™ thumb picks can help you.

From Luxembourg

Yesterday I got my Saddle™ Thumb Pick from my favorite Music-shop in Germany called Martin's Musik-Kiste and I simply want to congratulate you for your great work. I have tried already lots of thumb-picks since I started to play acoustic guitar five years ago (I'm coming from the classic guitar) but this is definitely the best pick I ever played with! It just took me a few minutes to get comfortable with it and after an hour of playing I recorded a great track my new Saddle™ Thumb Pick. It works perfect for me and it sounds great.

Thanks a lot for this amazing Thumb-Pick!
Greetings from Luxembourg (Europe) to Richard and to the whole team.

From the United Kingdom
Hi Richard, got the picks today and the sun came out too! How can I put it? There is revolution in the air ! I have never really liked the traditional thumb pick – the pain, the slippage, etc. After 2 hours, I am already doing things I couldn't do before – Variax™ banjo sounds a whole bunch more realistic. And I have also tried bass too - lovely funk tone close to the bridge - and no having to put the pick down when changing style!

Many thanks,
London, UK

From the United States
It is the most comfortable thumb pick I have ever used. The adjustable band makes it easy to get a personal fit. There is a learning curve due to the pick surface being more to the side of the thumb than the bottom but in less than five minutes I was loving the feel and tone of this thumb pick. This is now my go to thumb pick when I play. They are more than worth the price. Overall Rating - 10

Keith J.
Springfield, IL, USA

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