From the Inventor

When Saddle pick designer, Richard McVicker, encountered the problem of pain from using conventional thumb and finger picks while playing banjo, it was obvious to him to find a new more comfortable solution. A legal artist and patent illustrator for more than 50 years, he was very familiar with the design process. Pursuing simplicity led him to the customizable Saddle pick options available today. Richard is passionate about sharing his ouch-less picks and helping musicians enjoy their music more.
Richard McVicker

A Conversation With the Inventor

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I was born the son of a carpenter and handyman, so being exposed to tools and how things worked created in me a drive for solving mechanical problems. My only formal training was in drafting, it is what I have done for 50 years. Specifically, I've been illustrating patents for inventors for half a century! Being exposed to inventors, engineers, and patent attorneys has led me to design some inventions of my own, with the crowning design achievement being the Saddle thumb and finger picks.

At age 46, I began learning to play the Banjo, and questioned why a thumb pick had to hurt my thumb to work well. I learned early in my life that, “Simplicity is the essence of good design,” and I created the simple flat thumb pick which was the prototype of the Saddle™ thumb pick.

Upon talking to Matthew Goins, creator of Blue Chip Picks™, at the October 2010 Bluegrass Fan Fest, I was inspired to sell my picks on the Web. When selling the prototype pick I received feedback from many talented musicians. I realized there were two major elements needed for a thumb pick. A design became apparent to me, which solved both problems: thumb size and pick thickness and flexibility.

As more and more people started using my thumb pick I had several customers request that I design a finger pick that would stay on and not hurt while playing. I always said it couldn't be done, but I kept thinking about it. Then one morning I woke up with this design fully formed in my head, the first prototype worked beautifully, and the Saddle™ finger pick was born.

Observing God's blessings through my life and submitting to His Will has been a beautiful thing. I give Him full credit for the ability to create the Saddle™ picks.

Richard McVicker

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