Revolutionary Thumb Picks

Saddle thumb pick was created by a banjo player who questioned why playing with a pick had to hurt. Couldn't there be a better way? With a little product development and testing he found thp answer was yes, and the ouch-less Saddle brand was born!
Conventional thumb picks stay on by pinching; Saddle thumb picks stay on with an ergonomic embrace using the same principle as a thimble, Saddle works with the contours of the thumb instead of against them — leading to a customizable comfort fit. The unique design is very stable; it won't come off on the upstroke and will not snag strings. If you've been playing fingerstyle with bare fingers, these picks are a product that will take your music to a new level.

Saddle thumb pick is also quite durable, made out of a distinctive material. It is flexible where comfort is needed and rigid at the point where it strikes the strings. Because of this material, this thumb pick is not likely to crack or break.

One size fits all design will accommodate any user. Customizable fit, the player is in control of where on the length of the thumb it sits and what angle it should be at when it strikes the string. No more shoving a pick on your thumb and where it sticks is where it has to be. Left handed or right, skinny thumb or very wide, you can get the fit you need to play your best.

Saddle thumb picks expose the flesh of the pad of the digit, allowing for a musician to have more contact with their instrument and the ability to feel, grip and apply friction in new ways. It is possible to even use a pen, or Tin whistle, while wearing them!

Saddle gives the artist an edge; opportunities to experiment that were never available before. Try it for yourself, order today to get the comfortable custom fit you deserve!
Patent No. 8389839

Finger Pick on Finger
Revolutionary New Finger Picks

Conventional finger picks pinch and constantly need readjustment so they don't fall off, this is painful and annoying. Saddle finger picks are different; they are comfortable and stable, designed so they embrace your finger and do not slip.

Ergonomically created to work with the finger instead of against it, ouch-less Saddle finger pick was designed by turning the cause of slippage into the key to keeping it on. This amazing unique guitar pick is made of .020 nickel\silver. Conventional finger picks work by clamping on to the finger at the cuticle, unfortunately as the finger bends to pluck the string the fat pad on the underside of the finger gets compressed and wants to force the pick off. Saddle finger picks work by utilizing the fat pad tissue as the way the pick stays in place, the rear loop actually embraceing the soft tissue to keep it attached.

Finger Pick Sketch
 Sensitivity of the finger has been restored, because the clamping pressure has been removed.

Contact Saddle™ and order a set of thumb and finger picks that allow you to play with total ease and control.